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5 kinds of brides this wedding season

5 kinds of brides this wedding season


Bride with a Budget


This is the bride that designs her wedding based on cost alone. In most cases, if the price is reasonable, it looks good to this bride. The internet is her wedding planner, and every inspiration comes from Pinterest’s DIY boards. Invitations are done at home or by a friend; decorations are put together from either the clearance aisle or an online discount store. Surprisingly, the dress is probably from a consignment shop or bought online. She cuts every corner to save but wants a wedding fit for a queen.

Our bride with the budget, you don’t have to worry about anything. We have got it covered for you Kohasaa Forever fragrance is perfect for you

“A feminine scent that will transport you to the French

Mountainsides. Its fusion of Casablanca Lilies and exotic

sandalwood will allow your sheer presence to be noticed wherever you go.”






The Perfect One


This one has been planning her wedding for a very long time. But she just wouldn’t let anything go wrong. Everything is researched and prepared beforehand, and if things don’t go as planned, she might as well turn into a bridezilla. All she wants is a fairy tale wedding with everything perfect!

Do you want the perfect scent for the eve? Then, we got you our ideal fragrance.

Aiman Khan Oudh

Our best-selling fragrance is a genuinely joyous wonder.

We took the ever-green scents of English Roses and Jasmine

and combined them with Persian Saffron and honeyed Peaches to present to you this ultra-sophisticated scent.


Princess Bride


This is an excited bride who has had her wedding planned since she was five. She’s eager to wed her Prince and will spend a lot of money preparing the perfect ceremony. Castles, colours and creative imagery are in this bride’s future.

Hello princess, you want a luxury scent for yourself? Then, Kohasaa offers the most romantic and dreamy scent for you, TRUE LOVE.

The scent sparkles with an elegant lady’s sweet aroma and dreamy water. This sweeps into a heart of ripe, the rare, coveted Tahitian Tiare flower. In the base, tempting pink frosting is combined with precious amber and forbidden woods to wrap the fragrance in a mysterious air.


The Sentimentalist


This bride believes in sentimental value, especially at her wedding. Heirlooms are likely to be a large part of this wedding.

Don’t get emotional AIMA BAIG fragrance is the perfect solution for all your tears.

Feel centre stage with this confidence-inspiring scent.

A heady mix of Coconuts, Blackcurrants, and jasmine, this unique blend will help you defy all odds and create your triumphant journey.


The Life and Soul


Forget the ceremony; you’re here for the party! The hen ? do was probably the highlight of this wedding shebang, but you can?t, wait to carry on the celebrations as soon as the formalities are over. You’ve put more planning into the evening’s playlist than what flowers you carried down the aisle, and your bridesmaids can?t wait to bust out the moves you’ve all been practising for weeks.

Do we hear that you are a party girl? Then it would help if you had a bombastic party While wearing the Hania Amir Fragrance by kohasaa.

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